The stone is a piece of the living rock

We can read Stone Soup all-the-while ignoring the stone. It can seem a mere place-holder, a no-thing. It's not. The stone is a stone. The stone, all stones, any stone is a fragment of the living rock. What does that mean? What is a living rock? We're standing on it. It's so big, so prominent, [...]


Reservoirs of Craft

Reservoirs of Craft. The phrase came to me one night upon closing my eyes to fall asleep. I took the trouble, made the effort as a sign of respect for whatever muse it is that comes too me at such moments – along with a realization from sad experience, that if I didn't write it [...]

Whither Charisma? A Variation on Stone Soup

Andrew Taggart’s reflections on the founding story of Stone Soup attribute the success of the original beggar to personal charisma. Using the arts of magic, the beggar is able to mesmerise the villagers and charm them into parting with small individual gifts of food which, when added together to the communal soup pot, transform scarcity [...]

From Bonds to Connection, from Contract to Community

We are tied to each other, but beneath these bonds lies a deep connection that cannot be experienced without letting go of both the suspicion and the sense of duty we feel towards our bonds. Bonds are ties. Ties are compulsive. They are the fabric of domination, whether between us or within us. We live [...]

The Gulf Between Technology and Craft

Central to the gulf between technology and craft is the frictionless quality of interacting with computers. While "dumb" tools wait mutely to be brought to life, computers hum expectantly and rush out to meet us part way. There is tremendous gratification to be had in this seeming collaboration, but it is chimerical. It is a [...]

Stone Soup, Mutual dependency, and a New Economic Order

In "The Story of Stone Soup," as Antonio Dias tells it, a wandering beggar comes upon a village. Hungry and tired, he goes to each door and is met with the same answer again and again. There is, he is told, not enough to go around, and the door, half-opened, is soon closed upon him. Nearing despair, [...]

Technology and Craft, Distinguishing Means and Ends

We talk of technologies when we believe that the means justify the ends. Craft reminds us constantly that the means are the ends. One of Krishnamurti's most powerful insights is that the means are the ends. So much for unintended consequences! There is no mystery there. What blind-sides us is our recurring expectation that we [...]