Stone Soup, Mutual dependency, and a New Economic Order

In "The Story of Stone Soup," as Antonio Dias tells it, a wandering beggar comes upon a village. Hungry and tired, he goes to each door and is met with the same answer again and again. There is, he is told, not enough to go around, and the door, half-opened, is soon closed upon him. Nearing despair, [...]



Life is being devoured by growth, misplaced growth, growth that refuses to admit to cycles and insists on a manic linearity that can only lead to collapse and immense destruction. This kind of growth exists in nature, it is cancer, malignancy. It is no stretch of poetic fancy to recognize the way our culture is [...]

Adjusting Expectations

Reading accounts of life in preindustrial contexts is often a lurching experience. We find so many instances where we are used to, "And we started her up and motored on through!" Where, instead days weeks, even months or years, are spent dealing with a discrete obstacle of distance, or adverse conditions such as wind, or [...]

Food, Getting Past the Obvious, or Can We?

"Stone Soup is also literally about our relationship with Food." So went the placeholder for this section on Food. It's not only literally true, but obvious! Is there a way to get past this? Do we have to? The story begins with a hungry traveler in a poor countryside. It ends with a feast, with [...]


Stone Soup is also literally about our relationship with Food.