The stone is a piece of the living rock

We can read Stone Soup all-the-while ignoring the stone. It can seem a mere place-holder, a no-thing. It's not. The stone is a stone. The stone, all stones, any stone is a fragment of the living rock. What does that mean? What is a living rock? We're standing on it. It's so big, so prominent, … Continue reading The stone is a piece of the living rock


Rise & Root

Rima Staines has created this rune. She writes in part, For some time I have wanted to make an image with which to start a quiet revolution on the backs of service station toilet doors, on the billboards behind carparks, over the screens of insidious train-journey advertising. In deep hatred for the feeling I get … Continue reading Rise & Root

Creative Writing, Some thoughts on going forward

I've recently taken another ride on the merry-go-round that is the process of getting published these days. Here's a direct quote from a friendly publisher who took the time to answer my request for a reading, "…it's almost impossible to sell any debut fiction at all these days, wherever it comes from, unless it's a … Continue reading Creative Writing, Some thoughts on going forward

A Gallery of Paintings

I have a suite of abstract paintings that are meditations on stones.


  Stone Soup has a lot to say about how we might go forward as artists.