Food, Getting Past the Obvious, or Can We?

© Katherine Mehls Photography

Stone Soup is also literally about our relationship with Food.”

So went the placeholder for this section on Food. It’s not only literally true, but obvious!

Is there a way to get past this? Do we have to?

The story begins with a hungry traveler in a poor countryside. It ends with a feast, with a joyful celebration of community, and a discovery of sufficiency.

Food is then the fulfillment of need, a mode of interaction, and a catalyst for evolving a naked sense of desire into a mature conception of what is enough.

Food has meaning. In this way it connects with Art. Food intersects with Craft at every step. And Food connects with Life. Beyond the literal, food is our most vital point of connection with all the aspects of Life that affirm and project value.

Maybe we can get past the obvious, but to begin, I thought it worthwhile to bask in these broad generalities to lay out the range of what we will cover as time goes on.

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